Traditional and family owned “Maisons” united by the same passion for Bordeaux wines, from the ‘petit château’ to the ‘Grand Cru Classé’.

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Our Brands

Wines selected and grown in-house

Pradignac Pradignac

Major brand of the traditional network in France registered in 1962. Large range of appellations.

Comte de Mentaubert Comte de Mentaubert

A classical collection of AOC Bordeaux red, white and ‘Premières Côtes de Bordeaux’ wines.

Olivier Fleury Olivier Fleury

Label inspired by the ‘Moustier’ design of a XIXth century earthenware maison.

Royal Gaussem Royal Gaussem

An hommage to Fleury’s family and the oldest wine firm of Bordeaux.

Jean Donval Jean Donval

One of the oldest brand of Union Vinicole.

Grands Chais Saint-Jacques Grands Chais Saint-Jacques

Made by Nicolas Billot-Grima, the famous winemaker based in China.

Jacques Fleury Jacques Fleury

The “Bordeaux” appellation with three faces: red, dry white and rosé. A basic collection made with care.

Jacques Dubourg Jacques Dubourg

The Bordeaux red of maison Jacques Dubourg made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Tailor-made brand Tailor-made brand

UVG can buy, blend and bottle wine to create a tailor-made brand for professionals.

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