Wine merchants from the ‘land of Gascq’

Gaston GaussemThe Union Vinicole de Gironde was founded in June 1950 by Sirs Jacques Fleury and Jacques Dubourg, brothers in law, in order to regroup several old wine firms that belonged to the Dubourg-Gaussem family.

The company name relates to the ‘Union’ or association of wine growing firms that also aged and sold their wines (Vinicole) within a region known as the ‘land of Gascq’ (Gascogne) that include most of the Aquitaine but excluding the Basq country (Baron of Gascq settled in Bordeaux in the XIVth century).

One of the major fusion in the Union Vinicole was the very old wine company Gaussem, founded in 1453 by Conrad Gaussem who built the Chartrons district during the XVth century (Jacque Dubourg’s mother was born Gaussem).


Alix Dubourg the visionary

Alix Dubourg

From generations to generations, the company has developped and evolved from the time when wine was shipped only in barrels. In the 30’s Mr. Alix Dubourg has first the idea of delivering his clients with bottles only, and directly from his vineyards. For some he is a visionary, for others a fool. However this selling technique has become trendy and the main method of selling wines in Bordeaux at the end of the 40’s until the end of the 60’s.

A the time the company was already exporting wines to Argentina, Chile and the United-States.

A new company was purchased soon: maison Léon Rigault, founded in 1808 in Beaune and specialised in Burgundy and Rhone wines.

The vineyards of Bordeaux grow very quickly and the family remain very popular and successful until the 90’s, owing properties in the Medoc (Saint-Estèphe), the Graves and Sauternais regions as well as in the surroundings of Libourne (Saint-Emilion and Pomerol).


Specialist of direct sales to customers

Nowadays Union Vinicole is strong in France where she delivers wine to some 40.000 customers though a direct representation network of about twenty salespeople based in all important cities of France.

This direct distribution of wines started by Mr. Alix Dubourg is continued by his grand daughter Mrs. Colette Fleury who joined the company in 1978. Union Vinicole is one of the major maisons you can find in international fairs in France.


New generations new challenges

Olivier-Jacques FleuryIn 2009, Ms. Colette Fleury is joined by her nephew Olivier Fleury in order to increase the company’s international trade and reputation. Together they continue their proud family heritage while modernising the company.

With 60% of turnover made with export, Olivier has recently decided to set-up subsidiaries in London (United-Kingdom) and Hong-Kong (China) in order to deliver clients faster and easier from local warehouses.

In 2012, Union Vincole purchased the oldest wine firm of Saint-Emilion. Maison Eyquard has been trading top growth Grand Crus Classés and En Primeur wines for almost 70 years. This small but beautiful company, carrying an important portfolio of Bordeaux rarities and old vintages, is an official allocator of the ‘Place de Bordeaux’.


Wine merchant and grower

Union Vinicole is active in every step of the wine production: we advise winemakers in their fermentating cellar, choose the best oak barrels, organise tastings and decide upon the blending as well as helping with bottling the wine with our own machines. Many wineries have been working with UVG for a more than 60 years!

As wine merchant, the Union Vinicole creates and sells its own brands (Pradignac, Jacques Fleury, Jacques Dubourg, Mentaubert,…) and has the capacity to produce 12.000 bottles par day.

UVG can store more than 6000 hl of wine within its premises and therefore can satistfy every demanding needs for its clients and importeurs.

Moreover our long experience as a direct-to-customers wine supplier enables us to anticipate and fit perfectly to the market development.