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Acreage: 2.90 hectares

Production: 13 000 bottles

Average age of the vine: 25 years

Type of soil: Gravels, sand and limestone

Grape Varieties: 80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet- Sauvignon

Wine making: Thermo-regulated tanks

Ageing: 6/8 months in tanks with post fermentation and micro-oxygenation, collage with egg albumin

Bottling: At the estate

The Sommelier’s Advice:

On the best lands south of Bordeaux, the 3 acres of Château Les Roques overlooks the river Garonne. The production is made by the staff of Château du Pavillon of Sainte-Croix du Mont which is very close.

Following traditional methods of winemaking, Olivier Fleury has produced a typical yet charming Bordeaux red with all one can expect from such a quality: full mouth, good length and a fruity  and fresh taste