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Acreage: 10 hectares

Production: 45,000 bottles

Average age of the vine: 35 years

Type of soil: Gravels, sand & limestone

Grape Varieties: 60 % Cab.-Sauvignon, 40 % Merlot

Wine making: Thermo-regulated tanks

Ageing:  6/8 months in tanks with post fermentation and micro-oxygenation, collage with egg albumin and 8 months in oack

Bottling: At the estate

The Sommelier’s Advice:

Classified ‘Cru Bourgeois Supérieur’ in the classification of 1932, the Château Semeillan is very well located in the famous ‘terroir’ of the villages of Listrac and Moulis. Smouth and fruity wines are produced, with the typical fineness of all the Médoc wines. The chateau was created 1772 by the Richelieu family, and was honoured to be served at Napoléon III’s table, as its favourites of the Médoc wines !